#mksc@40 – 40 years 40 boats update

You will remember we wrote to you all earlier in the year to remind you of our MKSC’s 40th birthday this year. For those with long memories we celebrated our 30th anniversary with an informal race – hoping to get an unheard of 30 boats sailing at one time – which we did!
However, this has upped the stakes now…

We need 40 boats on Saturday 30th June, yes that’s right 40 boats!!
So please come and take part. You will win a medal!

The day is filling up nicely. As you can tell from the nice weather (!) we’ve been having, the grass is growing madly and we thought. as so many people will (hopefully) be coming down we would:

• Cut the grass in the compound between 10.00am and 12.30am
• Have a light snack/lunch for all the workers
• Start rigging boats 13.00pm to 14:00pm
• Have a quick briefing around the event 14.00pm
• More rigging time
• Race/Sail/Regatta from 15.00pm-16.00pm
• BBQ and medal ceremony 16-00pm – as long as you want

We really will need nearly all members to come, if not for the day then how about the afternoon. Cost – £5 per head, includes racing, medal and BBQ
So please, don’t let us down…

Registration is now open!

Please go to https://goo.gl/bQGUFG to register!