Back to Sailing

Dear MKSC members,

As most of you will know, nearly all UK COVID restrictions have been lifted now.   So, we would like to welcome you back to normal sailing at MKSC.

That means we will be sailing regularly now on Wednesday evenings, socially on Saturdays and racing and full organised sailing on Sundays.
To make this happen we need YOU!

To come and start sailing again – for those of you that haven’t.
To continue sailing – for those that have.
…and for you to support club activities by restarting the rota for rescue boat drivers, race  officers and galley duties.

We will be assigning duties to all members on Duty Manager again for the organised sailing on Sundays. That means all members will be asked to complete atleast two duties in the remainder of this sailing year – to end March 2022.   As we are a club, we are reliant on everybody to  play their part in helping to make it run successfully.

The SUNDAY duties are as follows:
Race Officer – You will be assigned to this if you have completed training at MKSC
Rescue Driver – You will have your powerboat L1&2 certificate
Assistant race officer, Assistant Rescue Driver – are to support the duties above – you don’t need training to do these, but will be guided by the person overseeing your duty.
Galley Duty involves making the cheese and ham toasties and hot drinks at lunch time.  Galley duty is from about 11.15 a.m. – 1.45 p.m.

If you are assigned to the Race officer duty, Rescue Driver, Assistant Rescue Driver and Assistant Race officer duties, you need to arrive at 10.00am and will finish after the final race between 3.30 – 4.00 p.m.

We will send out a link to duty manager which gives the dates when you are expected to attend to complete your duty. If the duty you are given is on an inconvenient day, then you can arrange a swap through the duty manager system.


As part of the positive re-launch of the club we will be offering free food at the galley for the whole of September Sundays for sailors (you need to have been sailing or about to, in gear, boat rigged) with normal gallery service and prices apply to dry members!

So please come down, get your boats out and start sailing again!