New Weather Station

Our new weather station is now LIVE!

You might have noticed over the past few months that we have installed a new anemometer and mast on the point of the Watersports centre changing room extension.  This is to feed our brand new autonomous weather station which has been commissioned today.   It will post updates to the web every 1 minute, sampling the wind speed every 3 seconds.

We upload all of the data (wind speed, minimum wind, maximum wind gusts, average wind, temperature, humidity and pressure) to Windguru, where all of the historical information is displayed, along with the new forecasted weather.  We also have the summary Windguru Icon on the front page of the web site, which is updated every 1 minute with the live wind feed.  (If you click on the icon, you will get a combined live, historical and forecast weather view).  The icon will show the current average wind speed within the last minute, and will change colour according to the strength of the wind – lighter colours for light wind – darker colours for more capsizing!

WindGuru can be accessed from anywhere, via web, tablet or mobile, so now to can know precisely the conditions at Caldecotte Lake before you leave your home.