Night Race

On Saturday 16th September we had our first (and hopefully annual) night race.

At approximately 19.15, when the sun had just gone down, we launched 7 boats into the darkness, each one fully decorated with a range of red, green, white and blue lights.  Some stuck to putting the red lights on port and the green on starboard, whilst others attempted to seek an unfair advantage of doing the opposite in order to ‘call starboard’.  We put larger white lights on the buoys, and sailed a triangular course for the next hour in the complete darkness.  Some unnamed boats managed to hit the buoys dislodging them into the water – but amazing they floated.  After 60 mins of close racing in almost non-existent winds, it looked like either Brian Naylor or Gill Messenger, though frankly it was so dark, no body really knows what happened.

It was a completely unreal and amazing experience that we will definitely have to do again next year.