MKSC provides spaces for up to 150 sailing dinghies which members can rent on an annual basis.  All boats must be insured to protect against damage or theft.  It is not serviced, nor staffed, but occasionally maintained on an entirely voluntary basis. Unfortunately, we don’t have staff or sufficient volunteers for special boat handling.

Whilst the compound is locked most of the time, it is accessible to all of the clubs at the Watersports Centre, and therefore boats stored in the compound are stored entirely at owners risk.  If you have a boat of significant value, you should consider taking  extra security measures such as additional locks, and removing valuable such as foils and sails.  Fragile boats should be protected appropriately.

Once or twice a year, boats are required to be moved to cut the grass and keep the compound tidy.  It is the owners responsibility to move the boats, especially if they are fragile / valuable.  Whilst every care is taken by volunteers (fellow sailors and boat owners) during the maintenance of the boatyard, sometimes some minor accidents do occur.  If you are especially concerned about your boat, please ensure you attend the boat yard maintenance days.

If your boat is damaged, parts stolen or lost, your first point of contact should be your insurance company.


  • INSURANCE. All craft belonging to members must be insured and carry a MINIMUM cover of £2,000,000 third party insurance and must comply with Milton Keynes Sailing Club Ltd. rules and Regulations for Use of Caldecotte South Lake for non-motor powered water-sports activities.
  • Boat storage space is limited and will only be allocated by the Compound Administrator.
  • Allocated spaces are not transferable.
  • Boat storage compound fees are a single annual payment that entitles the member making the payment to store craft in the space allocated in the compound in relation to which payment has been made. It covers any period during the Club year, which runs from 1st April to 31st March each year.