Race Officer Training / Refresher Evenings

8th & 15th May @ 20:30 (after the Wednesday Sailing)

To try and make the racing more enjoyable and to reduce time between races on a Wednesday; I have been asked to provide a short training session for the Race Officers.
The two sessions I am running will be the same, so if you can’t make one then hopefully you will be able to join me for the other.
The sessions are aimed at anyone who is interested in the role of the Race Officer, but is particularly aimed at those who are scheduled to be a Race Officer for either a Wednesday or Sunday race session.


  • Setting the course – points to note
  • Starting a race – Handicap and Pursuit
  • Finishing the race – Points to note, especially for Wednesday evenings
  • Recording the results – Important bits that you may not realise…
  • Questions

Mark Warren