Staying safe with corona virus

Given the unprecedented challenges of Corona Virus,  UK government advice, and for the safety and well-being of members, unfortunately we have decided to close the Watersport Clubhouse with immediate effect.  Government advice on social distancing, self-isolation for over-70s and at-risk people, self-isolation for anyone showing symptoms of corona virus, and avoiding all non-essential travel really mean that it is difficult to remain open without putting our members safety at further risk.  Therefore, we have taken the following decisions;

1. We are canceling all formal Sailing club activities in the short term, for atleast the next for weeks.

2. We are closing the clubhouse to any and all club activities.

3. Rowing Club and Canoe Club have been consulted, and combined action is coordinated.

4. We will review situation regularly (weekly) to see if any circumstances have changed, then clean and return to more normal club activities safely, as soon as possible.

5. If users want to access the Lake and compound during this period they do so at their own risk*, and within government social distancing guidelines.

We also want to make sure that memberships are not disadvantaged by this decision, so we will take action to address this (eg. extending the membership year), once we know the full duration of the closure.  There are many implications that we will have to work through over the coming weeks, and will post updates as and when we have them.  Stay safe.

*Whilst we are in unprecedented times, we recognize that that people will want to stay active and do physical activity.  Indeed the health advice is to take regular exercise even in isolation conditions.  Sailing on your own is being isolated. If you choose the sail on your own, please look after your safety, and only sail in suitable conditions and within your abilities.  There will be no safety boat cover.  If you do meet other like minded sailors, please respect social distancing guidelines.